190622 (AMRAP – Reps)
Tabata thruster
On odd-numbered rest intervals, hold at the bottom of the squat. On even-numbered rest intervals, hold with the load overhead.

♀ 45 lb. ♂ 65 lb.

THEN: 3 max-duration L-sits from the floor.

Post L-sit times to comments.


In teams of two for six minutes, alternate:
Partner A: 10 glute bridges with a 2-sec pause at top
Partner B: Jumping jacks, until partner finishes

In teams of two for 5 minutes, alternate:
Partner A: 10 lateral steps with band around knees
Partner B: Hold the bottom of a squat until partner A finishes

In teams of two, for one set:
Partner A: 10 squat therapy reps (3-sec up, 3-secs down)
Partner B:10 push-ups with a 3-sec pause at the top of each rep


5 reps of each step using an empty barbell:
– Front squats
– Push press (with front squat-width stance)
– Thrusters
2 sets of:
5 thrusters pausing in bottom of squat for 2-sec and pausing with the bar overhead for 2-sec
> First set with an empty barbell; second set with intended WOD weight

2 sets of 10 dip shrugs
2 sets of 10 scap pull-ups
2 sets of front scale for 10 seconds, per side