I just did the 10 minutes of each scale for quality and I think I found a new favorite movement. These Scales (front and back) are the real deal Holyfield! They are L-sits and hip-back extensions with an added functionality for the lower body.
For both movements, the first focus should be on keeping an active arch in the support foot. Exaggerate it on the setup and don’t let it collapse inward or roll outside through the entire movement. That’s a constant for both.
For the Front scale, you’ll have a tough time deciding on whether the buttcheek of the supporting foot or the hip/abs/quads of the up foot is doing more work. I like to keep the leg straight instead of tuck even if it means having it lower to the ground.
For the back scale, really make sure the back swing foot is rotated in (internal rotation) – this puts the hip in a good position and practices good habits for running and kipping and anything else where the hip is in extension. When you are all the way flat, try to lift the back foot up even more and you’ll get that hip-back extension feel.
Front Scale (2 reps per minute to hold)
EMOM 10:00 2 holds
Back Scale (2 reps per minute to hold)
EMOM 10:00 2 holds
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

In 25 minutes, Complete As Many rounds As Possible:

1,000 Meter Row
20 DumbBell (suitcase) Deadlift