Certified Programs

Our certified trainers use an extensively planned program that allows athletes to drop in at any time and fitness level.

Expert Trainers

All trainers have passed a rigorous review and examination cycle to become certified.  This nationally recognized process ensures our trainers are equipped and ready to work with our members.

Flexible Options

Dropping in or looking for a new home, Rising Star has a plan for you.  Train class-to-class and upgrade your membership when the time is right.


Visiting Vermont? Drop-In!


Per Session



For 10 Classes

Pay as you go! Good for:

  • Any available CrossFit Class
  • BootUP! Boot Camp classes

  • Open Gym

BootUp! CrossFit BootCamp



  • Unlike any Boot Camp you’ve experienced.
  • We use High Intensity Interval Training paired with instruction in utilizing your body’s own functional movement efficiently and with maximum results.
  • Every day has a different challenge.

CrossFit Unlimited



Unlimited access to all:

  • CrossFit classes

  • BootUp! CrossFit Bootcamp
  • Open Gym

Fundamentals of CrossFit One-On-One


  • Get personalized instruction on the foundational movements of CrossFit.
  • Baseline Fitness Assessment
  • Functional Body analysis
  • One-on-One training in the 9 Foundational CrossFit Movements as well as the
    fundamentals of Olympic Lifting.

Personal Coaching One-on-One


per Hour

  • Individualized and customized One-on-One Coaching from any of our experienced coaches can give you the high level of personalized instruction you deserve.
  • Drill Down on the Basics or
  • Fine tune your competitive edge.
  • Meet your goals with RisingStar’s superior coaching experts.

All-In Plan


One full year includes:

Pay for your full year in advance and get:

  • Unlimited access to all:

  • CrossFit classes

  • BootUp! CrossFit Bootcamp

  • Open Gym

  • 3 One-On-One CrossFit Fundamentals Coaching sessions ($195 value)



Absolutely! During class we focus on specific movements that require specific pieces of equipment. During Open Gym time use of all available equipment is included in membership.

Up-to-the-minute Class times can be seen in our calendar

Our typical hours are:

  • 7am to 11am, 5pm to 7pm Monday through Friday
  • 10am to 12pm Saturday

Classes are normally held Monday through Friday at:

  • 7am
  • 10am
  • 6pm
  • Saturday Class:  10am

Think of CrossFit as “Group Personal Training.” Every day at every class, our coaches work with you to ensure that you can do each movement or workout in the most effective, efficient and safe manner as possible. The average class to coach ratio is about 6 to 1, so you can be certain that you will get the coaching attention you need.

Our coaches are also available to work with Members during Open Gym hours.

Additionally, as part of joining the Rising Star family our trainers will work with you personally during a 6-class series called “On Ramp”. “On-Ramp” will teach you the basic foundational movements of CrossFit and get you up to speed before your first open class. Our On-Ramp sessions usually have about 1 or 2 students and one coach, so you can be sure that you will be getting the proper coaching attention you need.

CrossFit Rising Star has an unsupervised area where school-age kids can wait for parents. Kids are not allowed in the exercise floor of the gym during class time. We do not allow any unsupervised toddlers to CFRS.

At CrossFit Rising Star, we understand that sometimes health or work can bring big change. If for reasons of health or injury, change of job or relocation, you need to cancel your membership, simply let one of our coaches know via email and we will honor your request.

If you have CrossFit experience, you can book a drop-in class right here.  If online booking isn’t your thing, you can give us a call or just show up! If you are new to CFRS, please make sure you give yourself an extra 15 minutes or so to fill out all the appropriate waivers and forms.

Family is welcome to observe and cheer you on during a class in session, better yet why don’t you have them work out with you?

For safety all non-members must remain outside the main floor while activity is in progress.


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