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2 weeks ago

CrossFit Rising Star

Get ready for them cleans!

CrossFit Training
Via @crossfit_weightlifting
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Whether it be a snatch or clean, confidence moving under a barbell seems to universally be one of the biggest challenges for people learning the Olympic lifts.
There is something about jumping FAST down into a squat that brings peoples’ deep-seated commitment issues to the surface … whether they’re ready to face them or not!
Tall snatches and tall cleans (and potentially a few sessions with a therapist) are a GREAT prescription for this.
A tall snatch/clean is when an athlete holds a barbell at the high hang position. The athlete then raises up onto their toes, recreating the position that their body is in at the very end of their jump (triple extension).
From there, the athlete simply (not simple at all) shrugs and pulls their body down and around the bar.
The purpose of this movement is to take away any and all leg drive so that the athlete REALLY has to feel just how much tension and aggression goes into pulling down and around the bar. It is not a passive move ... it’s an all or nothing move.
These don’t have to be performed with heavy weight! A little resistance is great so that one can really USE the bar to move around, but too much weight will create a slow movement.” —@sageburgener.
Athlete: @sophiekavanaghpt.

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3 weeks ago

CrossFit Rising Star

Synchronized Superman and Hollow-Rocks! ... See MoreSee Less

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4 weeks ago

CrossFit Rising Star

Looking good is a side-effect👌 | #CrossFit ... See MoreSee Less

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